Is it because i’m Black?

01.12.2016 |

Besides branding and architecture, we share one passion at Brandon Archibald – love of the Black Sea.

In the context of the global deleterious situation, the water in the Black Sea is being actively polluted. In order to draw attention and find solution of the problem, a group of Odessa environmental scientists, who participate in the EMBLAS project (Improving Environmental Monitoring in the Black Sea) under the patronage of the European Union and United Nations, have published “Environmental Watchmen of the Black Sea. Field Index”.

These guidelines are meant to help in establishing relevant diagnosis of the marine ecology with the help of indicator organisms. These indicator organisms inhabit the coastal sea zone. Their chemical changes can demonstrate general  ecological state. We created the cover and put Black sea mussels as the main visual representation. Mussel colonies have positive effect on the region’s ecological state. Besides destroying “sea rubbish” and cleaning the seabed, they also filter the sea water by letting it flow through them.