FOR 2021

Brandon Archibald is a design agency that creates space identities in parallel with branding for income-generating projects all over the globe.

FOR 2021
Brandon Archibald is a design agency that creates space identities in parallel with branding for income-generating projects all over the globe.

Do you recognize yourself?

Chain business

taking steps to build a new brand or finding the right chemistry for a rebranding campaign


creating awareness and building customer loyalty in fashion, food, coffee, or some other niche


building a brilliant brand for a real estate property and bringing in investors


adapting to changes, building a new layout for a hotel, restaurant, or café, or creating a new designated space

Do any of these scenarios
sound familiar?

Slow project delivery doubles your costs

Rent payment holidays are too short, and if you don’t have a customer flow, you risk not getting a return on investment.

Time-to-market is impossible

Six months seems generally the right time to onboard an in-house team, but if you wait till you’re ready for design, you’ll miss opportunity.

Creative people face great hurdles

You don’t have an in-house design team. Or you do, but you hear lots of complaints regarding terms of delivery, lack of expertise, and an overwhelming workload.

Design goals are non-measurable

You have neither experience with nor an understanding of how to measure brand-oriented architecture and interior design goals.

Define your design team approach in this guide

Team kick-off has to articulate the project goals, your company mission and the structure of functions.



Visual identity design

Brand voice and messaging


Advertising and promotion


Brand audit and research

Brand strategy & positioning

Concept development

Directions and wayfinding

Space identity


Area planning solutions

Interior & exterior design

3D visualization

Technical docs & BOQ

Supervision and quality control

Boris Alexandrov,
Founder, CEO,
and creative
director at Brandon

“We believe that magic happens when architecture and branding drive emotional and financial payback.”.

These two steps guarantee
your project’s success

1. Get a ready-to-go team

  • Choose from 5 ready-to-go multidisciplinary design teams.
  • Get a well-established business process.
  • Control only the quality of technical designs.

2. Build an in-house design team

  • Onboard an in-house design team.
  • Build design business process from a scratch.
  • Manage the deliverables, implementation and technical designs.

Our workflows

A ready-to-go design team:
We work — you get results!


  • Meeting
  • First offer
  • Strategy workshop: briefing + debriefing
  • Custom offer


  • Scope of Work
  • Payment Calendar
  • Contract, invoice, payment


  • Timing, milestones, deliverables
  • Project kickoff
Download a PDF that explains the Brandon Archibald’s scope of work, business process, design team coordination, and on-time delivery best practices!

A custom design team:
We consult — your team works!


  • Creative and marketing workshop
  • First strategic session with group heads

Design process

  • Job descriptions
  • Hiring requirements
  • KPIs for key specialists
  • Team integration workshops
  • Support


  • Sign the contract/get the invoice
  • Start working with your new design team
Download a PDF that explains the Brandon Archibald’s scope of work, business process, design team coordination, and on-time delivery best practices!
Download a PDF that explains the Brandon Archibald’s scope of work, business process, design team coordination, and on-time delivery best practices!

Compare these two options

1. Get a ready-to-go team
2. Build an in-house design team
Project delivery speed
Project delivery speed
First project delivery in 2-3 months.
Takes time to hire and set up a new design team before executing any projects.
Team availability
Team availability
Instant onboarding
1-3 weeks
Slow onboarding
1-3 months
Initial investments
Initial investments
Long-term cost ratio (2+ years, or 10+ projects)
Long-term cost ratio (2+ years, or 10+ projects)
Can hire new employees
Can hire new employees
Need to equip workplaces/office
Need to equip workplaces/office
Work capacity
Work capacity
New design teams can be hired instantly.
Not Flexible
Depends on the size of the existing team.
Involvement with other in-house departments
Involvement with other in-house departments
Risk level
Risk level
Best for the companies
Best for the companies
with multiple short-term design projects.
where design plays a key role in long-term.

Over 75 companies call us
strategic design partners

Hired our
design team

At USAII, we have been working with Boris and his talented team at Brandon Archibald for the last eight years. We continue to work with them for all our creative marketing needs, as they are diligent, thoughtful, and have successful helped our brands stand out in a competitive market.

Preston Cheng / Mural Art Park / USA

a new design team

First I asked Boris just one question how to build a perfect design team? A few months later the design team at Mikirei is an important part of creating the competitive edge for each new collection of our bags, pencil cases, and notebooks.

Adrian Mikirei / MIKIREI /CHINA

Hired our
design team

We were seeking out a partner who fits our quality standards to roll off our new chain café brand. Thanks to Brandon Archibald, we love our new Woobles character and the concept itself, symbolising the fun of food, as a result of the great creative teamwork!

Palle Skov Jensen / Woobles / DENMARK

a new design team

Zoniсe is a fast-growing franchise. The project started with the branding and architecture part, and then we asked to assemble a new design team. Today, all our creative ideas are fully packed.

Hamad Alarfaj / Zonice / Saudi Arabia

About us

Our partners are open-minded and have no limits in terms of geography, religion, race, or gender.

Excellence is the most important characteristic we share with our clients.

We’ve worked on multidimensional brand-oriented architectural projects that have kept us in touch with the current social trends across continents.

Over the course of 10 years, we’ve worked on projects that have attracted more than 5 million visitors from Shenzhen to Tahiti.

Our multidisciplinary architecture and branding design specialists can tackle any brand story, fit any brand voice, and make the most of any space. Our professionals combine creativity and playfulness with operational excellence.

Brandon Archibald is an award-winning design agency specializing in branding and space identity for income-generating projects around the globe.

get maximum
value from your design


    What is the structure of a design team?

    The answer to that question always depends on the scope of the project.
    On an average project, our design team would consist of a marketing and branding strategist, a creative director, two graphic designers (at least one senior level), a copywriter, an architect, a 3D visualization specialist, and an engineer. Of course, every team also has a project manager who tracks all the tasks in the project management application.
    For a more complicated project, we can increase the number of specialists from the banding or architecture departments. There are also some additional specialists like illustrators, 3D artists, and motion designers who can make the overall results even stronger.

    How can I create KPIs for my design team?

    It depends on your team structure and business goals.
    In our case, we care a lot about the creative approach and on-time delivery. It’s important to make sure we keep track of our creative methodology, which has been proven to give the required results every time. So for us, KPIs are the way to make sure all creative teams move in the right direction in accordance with the initial plan. We track the speed of project onboarding, the debriefing phase, everyday reports on the creative progress, open and finished tasks for all team members, the delivery speed for every phase, and so on.
    Our main advice on how to create KPIs for a design team is to make sure they’re measurable and can easily be tracked. And, of course, they should reflect your goals.

    How do branding and architecture specialists interact within one team?

    Any creative process goes through phases. These three happen in the most of our projects.
    1. Kick-off meeting
    This is the main project meeting, bringing together branding and architecture specialists. During this meeting, the creative director along with a strategist make a detailed introduction of the project, highlighting key objectives, moderating the team discussion, and answering and writing down questions.
    2. R&D phase
    During the research, analysis, and development phase, specialists from the branding and architecture departments work on their own, digging into the project, forming various creative directions, writing down ideas, sketching, making mood boards, finding references, and so on.
    3. Collaboration phase
    During this third phase, we have a meeting or a set of meetings where we discuss the materials prepared by specialists from the branding and architecture departments. We select the best ideas, synchronize it with the project vision, and plan future stages of work.

    How can a remote design team work together effectively?

    At Brandon Archibald, this is possible thanks to a combination of factors: constantly improving business processes, KPIs that help us reach goals and keep team members motivated and efficient.
    We use the set of handy tools such as:
    – Pipedrive and Worksection to manage leads and keep track of projects,
    – Zoom for conference calls within the team or with clients and contractors,
    – Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp for fast messaging,
    – Google Docs to share your work.

    Where do design teams typically waste time and become less effective?

    There are many factors that influence the efficiency of design teams. Here are the top five sources of inefficiency:
    1. No leader/director
    It’s crucial to have someone responsible for the direction of the creative team. This person should be an expert recognized by the team who has experience building a creative process, motivates teammates, and has good planning skills.
    2. Bad assignments
    It’s hard to overestimate the importance of a well-written assignment. A good assignment answers all possible questions and sometimes even drives creative solutions. It would be good to train a creative team to collect all necessary information at least in the form of questions and always go through the debriefing phase to find out the answers.
    3. Wrong timing
    This factor works in two ways. The team might become inefficient because they have too much time to deliver work, or the same thing may happen because the time frame is too short. Try to evaluate your team’s skills and have a business process consisting of clear phases with defined durations and expected results.
    4. No inspiration/motivation
    Inspiring and motivating the team is the responsibility of the team leader. It’s important to keep track of the atmosphere inside the team. Sharing personal experience, organizing workshops for the whole team, playing games, and doing other common activities will increase motivation and help build a strong team with shared values. Establishing KPIs is another way to increase motivation and productivity.
    5. Irrelevant skills
    Sometimes a skill set that’s a blessing in one project is a total disaster in another. So be very precise when building a team, gathering specialists that suit the needs of your business. Otherwise, you may face occasional gaps in productivity.